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IESSIS1: Immersion Event on SQL Server Integration Services
SQLSkills SSIS Immersion Event with Andy Leonard:
2-6 Oct 2017 - Chicago, IL - Details


Andy delivering some SSIS Training “I recently took From Zero to SSIS with Andy Leonard. What I discovered about Andy’s personality matched his teaching style. Andy treated each student as a respected friend; he focused on the most important aspects of SSIS, using real world examples for labs; he willingly offered his time and resources; he has an immense understanding of SSIS. This is the best week of training I have had in the 15 years I have been in the industry.”

Why Train with Andy Leonard?
Andy is an author with decades of ETL experience and years of SQL Server Integration Services experience.
Andy offers SSIS training. He is a professional trainer and mentor, and is passionate about SSIS.
He regularly provides advice and free instruction at his blog at SQLBlog.com and on Twitter (@AndyLeonard). When respected members of the SQL Server community have SSIS questions, they seek out Andy Leonard.

Andy Leonard offers SQL Server Integration Services training:

SSIS Training in London England: SQL Server Integration Services Design Patterns

When: 07-10 Sep 2015 (4 days)
Cost: £1149 (up to March 31 2015) + VAT, £1249 (from 1 April 2015) + VAT
Where: London England

More details:

You will need to bring your laptop and you will need a version of SQL Server 2014. SSIS will need to be installed and functioning. You can obtain a copy of the Evaluation Edition of SQL Server 2014 here.

Register today!

SQL Server Integration Services Design Patterns is for intermediate SQL Server Integration Services developers (or quick learners) who wish to learn best practices and design patterns , and those who wish upgrade their existing SSIS skills to 2014.

Course Outline

What you will learn


Metadata Collection

SSIS 2014 Catalog Execution

Scripting in SSIS

Designing Custom Tasks

Advanced Parameter and Variable Management

SSIS Connections and Configurations Management

Data Cleansing

Advanced Loop Containers

Enterprise Data Integration Lifecycle Management

Advanced SSIS Messaging 

ETL Design Patterns

ETL Instrumentation Patterns.

Data Integration Automation

Key benefits

At the conclusion of the training, attendees will have been exposed to: