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IESSIS1: Immersion Event on SQL Server Integration Services
SQLSkills SSIS Immersion Event with Andy Leonard:
2-6 Oct 2017 - Chicago, IL - Details


Managing Teams Level 100 Are you a member of a team of database professionals? Are you part of a developer team? Do you manage or lead a team? This presentation is for you. Andy Leonard shares experiences, war stories, and lessons learned from years of managing and leading teams.
Designing an SSIS Execution Framework Level 300 In this “demo-tastic” presentation, SSIS trainer, author, and consultant Andy Leonard explains the what, why, and how of an SSIS framework that delivers metadata-driven package execution, connections management, and centralizes logging. Key takeaways: 1) Developers can migrate packages from Development, through their life cycle, to Production without editing SSIS Connection Managers properties. 2) A metadata-driven approach to SSIS package execution. 3) Demonstration of a centralized logging reporting application.
Build Your First SSIS Package Level 100 This highly-interactive, demo-intense presentation is for beginners and developers just getting started with SSIS. Attend and learn how to build SSIS packages from the ground up.
Database Design for Developers Level 200 This session is for software developers tasked with database development. Attend and learn about patterns and anti-patterns of database development, one method for building re-executable Transact-SQL deployment scripts, a method for using SqlCmd to deploy re-executable Transact-SQL deployment scripts, and fodder for a lively discussion about NULLs.
Introduction to Incremental Loads Level 200 This session is for SSIS developers and DBAs. Attend and learn more about Transact-SQL and SSIS design patterns for loading data incrementally. The session includes two demos: Incremental Loads in Transact-SQL; and Incremental Loads in SSIS.
SSIS Design Patterns, Part 1 Level 500 This session is for experienced SSIS developers. Attend and learn the Parent-Child SSIS design pattern, how to leverage less-than-well-documented characteristics of SSIS to centralize logging, and how to pass variable values between parent and child packages by value and by reference.
SSIS Design Patterns, Part 2 Level 500 Building on the demos and experience shared in SSIS Design Patterns, Part 1; SSIS Design Patterns, Part 2 explores package migration through enterprise SLDC tiers, loading variable-length files, and creating SSIS execution groups.
Andy Leonard is an SSIS Trainer and Consultant, SQL Server database and Integration Services developer, SQL Server data warehouse developer, community mentor, SQL Server MVP, and engineer. He is a co-author of Professional SQL Server 2005 Integration Services and SQL Server MVP Deep Dives. Andy blogs at SQLBlog.com. His background includes web application architecture and development, VB, and ASP; SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS); data warehouse development using SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008.